Syntax highlighting for programs

I was looking around for a plugin to highlight syntax for various programming languages, and I hit upon “CodeMirror Blocks.” Here is a silly constified main() declaration for a C or C++ program. (This post is a test of the syntax highlighting plugin.)

int main(const int argc,
         const char *const *const argv,
         const char *const *const envp)
  // some code here ...
  return 0; // on success.

I don’t mean to propose the actual code here as a serious example, but I do believe that thinking about this sort of thing in an abstract sense may help expose shoddy or careless or inconsistent programming practices, in the hopes of ameliorating such issues of possible bizarreness.

Lebanon’s “travel ban” on Carlos Ghosn

This is not a hostile action by Lebanon against Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn. There’s an international arrest warrant out for the guy, and Lebanon is still harboring him.

Ghosn issued a statement — his second this week — seeking to distance his Lebanese wife and family from any role in his escape.

Nevertheless, Japan has issued an arrest warrant for Ghosn’s wife.

Carlos calls it a “coup” to take him down.

But that’s all relative to one’s moral point of view, and to what extent Nissan or the auto makers and auto unions collectively are considered a state or a government unto themselves.

Middle class America is deep in hock to drive a brand new car to a low-paying job that really cannot support that mandatory minimum “high California” standard of living dictated by the Democratic Party in the United States, for those who are wealthy enough to live and support their families without public assistance.

Serious organized crime is the major cause of the great class discrepancy that has opened up especially in highly populated areas of California among other major metropolitan areas.

Broken SHA hashes and cryptocurrency

The SHA hash used in Bitcoin is iterated, or re-applied to its output.


When a hash function is iterated for a second time in this manner, the size of its range is reduced by an approximate factor of 1-1/e by random collisions.

The iterated hash function itself can also be iterated, and we may estimate the range reduction asymptotically.

\left|\mathrm{SHA256}^{2^k}(R_0)\right|\approx\left(1-\frac 1 e\right)^k|R_0|,

where R_0 is the range of the original SHA256 (or other hash) function. Or let N=2^k for the number of times the original hash function is iterated.

\left|\mathrm{SHA256}^{N}(R_0)\right|\approx\left(1-\frac 1 e\right)^{\log_2 N}|R_0|

I am attempting here to estimate the reduction in strength of a hash function that occurs when it is iterated, as a reduction in size of its range, by purely information-theoretical arguments.

Fake Army draft?

Text messages were reportedly sent out to notify young men that were being drafted into the U.S. military.

Some of the messages warned of prison sentences up to 6 years for failure to report for military duty. The Army warns it’s a scam, but there are still laws on the books, that not only impose actual prison sentences, but definitely make men ineligible for employment in other respects if they are not properly registered for the draft.

A lot of guys are going to prison just for being guys. That cannot be denied as a “scam.”

The political concern here is not prison population gender ratio or fairness, but horror on the part of Democratic Party authorities that a woman might actually be imprisoned for any reason at all, which would violate strict law enforcement codes of Omertà and respect for the ladies under the participatory justice system in the United States.

The Iranian missile attacks

The Iranian missile attacks on U.S. military assets located in Iraq did not appear intended to cause direct attributable loss of life. Instead Iran is flaunting “established” rules of engagement and assumed international conventions for warfare in collaboration with the U.S. Democratic Party’s restraint on any possible retaliation, with the same modus operandi as Hezbollah’s rocket attacks on Israel from Palestinian territories.

The Iranian mullahs and military generals have appropriated to themselves a “knight’s honor,” and in so doing they have deprived us of all possibility of decency in our response to their progressive encroachments, continual intimidations, hostile influence over the mainstream media, and ongoing left-wing anti-war environmental and other foreign-motivated political activism in the United States, much of which was the handiwork of the late general Qassem Soleimani.

That is why comparisons are drawn to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which “officially” started the First World War.

Certainly it is part of enemy propaganda to name a popular culture music band after an enemy Axis leader definitely on the same side if not quite contemporaneous with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Axis territories at that time were notorious for the opium dens and drug dealing activity which destroyed a thriving culture of classical music and fine arts. Not only heroin, but cocaine, amphetamines, Marijuana, and artificial hallucinogens were popular. The arts became abstract, jarring, and surreal, and genres of rock, jazz, and techno rap replaced the traditional classical music of Europe, as composers and musicians became hooked on drugs.

Those territories turned into a red-light district straight out of hell as the court system devolved into an arbitrary dispensation of street justice by Nazi cops.

Now Donald Trump is threatening some 52 cultural sites in Iran.

America’s broken court system

The court system in the United States is highly politicized and dominated by Democratic Party interests that prioritize gun control and abortion rights.

The Department of Justice, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies view the court system only as a means to their intended end of punishing defendants and expropriating their property. The cops have absolute authority and are the final arbiters of justice under this system. They have no interest in reforming the irredeemable corruption of a broken court system, which they view only as a hindrance to the administration of a one-sided arbitrary justice.

Lawyers for the defense and prosecution fraternize at the same bar associations, where they have introduced the concept of a “criminal justice participant.”

[RCW 9A.46.020(4)] For purposes of this section, a criminal justice participant includes any (a) federal, state, or local law enforcement agency employee; (b) federal, state, or local prosecuting attorney or deputy prosecuting attorney; (c) staff member of any adult corrections institution or local adult detention facility; (d) staff member of any juvenile corrections institution or local juvenile detention facility; (e) community corrections officer, probation, or parole officer; (f) member of the indeterminate sentence review board; (g) advocate from a crime victim/witness program; or (h) defense attorney.

We see defense attorneys listed here on the same side as the cops and prosecutors. It is a new theory of “participatory justice” which dispenses with the adversarial “due process” and other safeguards of rights demanded by the U.S. Constitution.

Under “participatory justice,” the defense attorney is required to plead his client guilty pursuant to a (general or universal) “collective bargaining” plea agreement in order to evade the often adversarial due process of law. A confession is then coerced to serve as a basis for the guilty plea which is almost always deemed to be in the client’s best interests by any defense attorney who wishes to remain in good standing with the local bar association.