Malicious port-scanning from banking sites detected

Bad actors out there are robbing the bank.

Customers behind so-called carrier grade NAT may not see this traffic unless they are tricked into opening remote ports by UPnP or similar mechanisms.

There is an ongoing vast criminal or hostile occupational conspiracy at work to deny, delay, and forestall the deployment of IPv6, which has better security mechanisms in place in certain situations. At the same time, the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force continue to encourage the deployment of IPv6 technologies despite heavy resistance from IPv4-only cable television industry luddites who only offer internet service as an enhancement to “the usual” array of premium/adult consumer cable television channels.

The various forms of Network Address Translation in play for the outdated IPv4 protocol mean that the malicious port-scanning may not be originating from the actual IPv4 address it appears to be — carrier grade NAT routers also have the ability to redirect replies to the malicious port-scanning traffic away from the banking websites toward servers under control of the attackers.

Republicans sue to block junta

There is now officially a junta and a coup d’état. For the first time in history, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote by proxy under the authority of Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Earlier this month the House approved new rules that allowed remote voting and hearings for the first time in the chamber’s history. Under the changes a member can vote on behalf of up to 10 colleagues who are unable to travel to the Capitol during the coronavirus pandemic.

NPR: The Coronavirus Crisis

On Eve Of Historic Remote Votes In The House, Republicans Sue To Block The Move
May 26, 2020, 7:31 PM ET by Claudia Grisales

There’s a junta and a Democratic supermajority with all the proxy votes for leftist legislation.

Working cops on the beat without firearms

“If we had access to firearms, we’d be able to handle more of these scenarios on our own,” Village Police Officer Tiger Lee told the station.

Nicolai is accused of aiming a rifle at Lee and pulling the trigger, but the weapon didn’t fire. … Officers told the station they don’t carry firearms due to a lack of funding.

Alaska resident with rifle aids police with no guns after firearms incident — By Robert Gearty | Fox News, May 24, 2020

We already have too many cops and cop-calling whores in Alaska. They don’t need the funding or the “access” to firearms at the expense of the right of the people to keep and bear Arms according to the Second Amendment.

All pimps, prosecutors, judges, and public defenders must be thoroughly punished out of their vices of imposing arbitrary and unconstitutional Democratic Party gun control laws on us, the innocent ones, because of what they, the guilty party, have done.

The “lack of funding” mentioned in the article, of course, is in reference to a mystical or fictitious court process for “restoration” of arbitrarily revoked gun rights, theoretically enacted by Congress in the NICS Improvement Amendment Act of 2007 but never implemented by Democrat law enforcement under the Obama administration and subsequently defunded by a Democrat majority in Congress on an omnibus House appropriations bill.

Tenure-track working career math

A knot is said to be slice if it bounds a smooth properly embedded disk in B^4. We demonstrate that the Conway knot is not slice. This completes the classification of slice knots under 13 crossings and gives the first example of a non-slice knot which is both topologically slice and a positive mutant of a slice knot.

This is not and cannot be other than the ancient myth of the extraordinarily difficult Gordian knot “solved” by Alexander the Great who drew his sword to slice it in half.

Unfortunately the full text of the article is pay-per-view. It is the jealously guarded intellectual property of the educational establishment. There is no free access for the general public to read the article let alone the educational and legal qualifications necessary to “work on” or consider such an advanced problem in pure mathematics without being arrested or detained as a threat to society or danger to national security.

There is also said to be, in the same vein, a rather mythically abstract algebraic classification of all finite simple groups, but some have called it “monstrous moonshine,” essentially likening the officially published and peer-reviewed mathematical proofs to rotgut bootleg liquor which falls short of objective standards of establishing mathematical truth from solid foundational principles or axioms.

Once again, the establishment is serving us peer-reviewed and licensed mathematical proof fait accompli, and charging us money for it, but we aren’t buying it at the elementary or open-access level.

I wouldn’t call myself a “prepper” or a backwoods survivalist, but I do feel a need to stock up and go “back to the basics” when so much faculty has so much vested interest in defending mathematical work already published on shaky foundations.

The COMPSEC Communist cell

… summer of 2013, and I was visiting Glenn Greenwald in Rio de Janeiro. This was just after Greenwald’s partner was detained in the UK trying to ferry some documents from Laura Poitras in Berlin back to Greenwald. It was an opsec disaster; they would have been much more secure if they’d emailed the encrypted files.

Schneier on Security: Bart Gellman on Snowden, May 20, 2020

It’s a security blog. They’re all commies who have succumbed to left-wing partisan political correctness, as if that (rather than the logical correctness of computer code) were the driving force for computer and network security.

COMPSEC, a rather generic acronym for “computer security,” has been coopted and trademarked by Computer Security Solutions, Inc. of Arlington, Virginia, among the good old boys of the establishment Military-Industrial Complex, according to the free dictionary.

Just to mention that alongside “OPSEC” for “operational security.”

TOEFL as a requirement for immigration

There’s too much “family” going on with a proprietary entrance exam as a requirement for immigration and naturalization. And that is “crime family,” not “family” in a good way. I strongly dislike the image of the United States presented to foreigners (immigrants, guests, visitors, and others) by the multitude of byzantine government agencies, departments, and bureaucracies: labor gangs of government employees run amok pushing paper in the office. It makes the United States appear Communist, even insofar as the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

A major sticking issue is Spanish. I myself speak very little if any Spanish at all, but it is a major world language, adequate in many practical senses for employment, business, and day-to-day life in many areas of the U.S., especially the Southwest, including California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. People have lawyers and interpreters if they need English, and honestly it can’t be that hard to learn English as needed to communicate with others without official examination requirements.

Spanish-language Communist Party propaganda from South American drug lords and Mexican drug cartels is very prevalent in the United States, and particularly pernicious and devastating to conservatives and others with a point of view of “family values.” Such political propaganda needs to be effectively rebutted in the language in which it is communicated in the first place, rather than denying its existence by a head-in-the-sand English-only policy.

Furthermore, there are many Native American (and Alaskan) languages, with relatively few speakers, which nonetheless need some “official” recognition on par with English, if only to enable such languages to be used, published, propagated, and preserved outside a narrow context of private home or tribal and family living.

The alt-right shadow government

There is a strong “alt-right” contingency to employees of local, state, and federal government in the U.S.

One of the officers who was fired over his handling of the 2018 Parkland, Florida, high school shooting will get his badge back.

Sgt. Brian Miller will receive full back pay and seniority when he returns to his duties at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association Union said Wednesday.

Cop who was fired after Parkland shooting will get his job back: Union
(Sheriff’s office says it’s exploring legal options.) By Ivan Pereira May 14, 2020, 3:16 PM ET

This case stinks for the rest of us, whose lives have been irreparably destroyed and ruined by the wanton and careless, but at the same time warlike and aggressive actions taken against us by these cops.

This guy is a sergeant, one of the bosses, not a rank-and-file beat cop as the union should have been supposed to represent.

And he’s still on the job, carries a gun, and has other bosses over him, who are not happy with his conduct. Only Cain in the Holy Bible would “work” that hard with a gun.

Most of these “school shooting” incidents are staged by the alt-right in order to (a) enact progressive gun control legislation by evoking knee-jerk sympathies among voters “for the children,” and (b) terrify the children and teach them to respect first responders and professional life-savers properly as heroes under a “thin blue line” flag.

Is it a bar or isn’t it a bar?

A national association of district attorneys is assailing the actions of a Georgia prosecutor who recused himself from the Ahmaud Arbery case after he told cops the unarmed black jogger’s killing was “justifiable homicide.”

New York Post: US district attorneys group slams recused prosecutor in Ahmaud Arbery case

Wait a second. This guy is an attorney. He doesn’t get to put away the accused just on his own say-so. He has to convince a jury of 12 “good men and true,” and he doesn’t have much control at all over the jury selection process. The selectmen of the jury may in fact be very biased and racist themselves, and not representative of the population from which they are allegedly selected, but the prosecutor only has the one matter at hand at a time to prosecute before the court — he is not allowed to go off on other tangents and other cases in front of the judge if the process in general isn’t to his liking. He was pissed off and he recused himself, because he could not see any possible way to take an impartial, uninfluenced, and unintimidated role in the case.

There’s a mysterious “national association of district attorneys” reported in the Mainstream Media. Interesting.

The National Bar Association was founded in 1925 and is the nation’s oldest and largest national network of predominantly African-American attorneys and judges.

The alleged victim in this case, Ahmaud Arbery, is African-American, but this does not appear to be the right bar association. Now there is a “National District Attorneys Association: The Voice of America’s Prosecutors” which focuses on “animal abuse, capital litigation, child abuse, commercial driver’s license, community prosecution, drug policy, elder abuse, gun & gang violence, juvenile justice, national traffic law center, violence against women, and white collar crime.”

And they’re Democrats, all driving that same “progressive” agenda of animal rights, gun control, and abortion we “get” from the left in our liberal constructivist federal court system. It’s a fraternization of gun-banning federal DAs, in “solidarity” with the FBI Agents Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and other corrupt law enforcement labor unions and associations, including the guilds peculiar to the State of Washington, a “prosecution by information” state which omits the due process of indictment by a grand jury for prosecuting felonies and other capital or infamous crimes.

Are ‘hate crime’ charges necessary?

Two white men accused of fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery in what his family is calling a modern-day lynching will not face hate crime charges in Georgia, according to state investigators.

USA Today: White men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery won’t face Georgia hate crime charges. Here’s why.

I am not sure that Georgia’s position is at all unreasonable.

The men are charged with murder in a capital punishment state.

The ‘hate’ or ‘bias’ is undeniably part of the circumstances or motives of the crime, but somehow I don’t think that a statutory enhancement to a punishment that is already capital is either necessary or desirable.

Does bad art drive out good?

We think this an important question when it comes to art. When art is valuable, and worthwhile to appreciate, it is inevitably worth money. And indeed, we can ask the same question about money.

Gresham’s law is a monetary principle stating that “bad money drives out good.” It is primarily used for consideration and application in currency markets. Gresham’s law was originally based on the composition of minted coins and the value of the precious metals used in them. However, since the abandonment of metallic currency standards, the theory has been applied to the relative stability of different currencies’ value in global markets.

Investopedia :: ECONOMICS :: MACROECONOMICS :: Gresham’s Law
By JIM CHAPPELOW :: Updated Oct 2, 2019

If people don’t understand or appreciate, say, visual “fine arts,” then are they looking at a lot of low-class pornography? Do they enjoy or benefit by what they look at?

Every home, and every structure of human habitation, consists of nothing but sculpture and painting. Wood or brick is shaped and fit together. Siding, drywall, or stucco etc. is applied and painted. Wooden or metal doors and framed glass windows are fitted. If people do not understand and appreciate sculpture and painting as fine arts, then they do not, and cannot live in fine homes. Fine homes are worth a lot of money, too.

What is not artistic or artificial is natural. If the birds make beautiful music in the trees, which humans can enjoy, then what kind of music do humans make? Is it enjoyable to other humans or does it frighten and annoy even the birds?

A piano, for example, is a sort of overbuilt guitar, perhaps a piece of furniture rather than a musical instrument. It goes “plink” rather than “twang,” and it has up to 72 strings rather than 6, but without stops or frets, each string is restricted to playing one note at the time of performance. Perhaps a power saw, sander, hammer, and nails were used in the construction of the piano. Are the sounds of these instruments, which were used to build the piano, part of its art?

Fine cooking is an art, too. Predatory animals seize their prey and eat it without further ado. Many foods in their natural state are best eaten by humans with as little preparation or alteration as possible. Spices and sauces or no, fresh fish is best eaten fresh.

There are various Japanese methods of preparing sushi or sashimi out of very fresh fish, against a consideration of the looseness of stool that may result from the quantity of uncooked fish.

Is medicine an art?

Do people sculpt or cut or snip their babies when they are born, as a human bonsai? Mutilate their babies’ private parts to gain more power over them in regards to future teenage dating conflicts? Pull some of their children’s permanent teeth and brace others into a shape or position more pleasing to parents who desire a smaller mouth to feed?

Money is art, and Gresham’s Law applies to art as well as money. Bad art drives out good.