The MH industry has run amok

Let’s take a look at a few articles posted recently at Psychology Today.

The word “forensic” means, literally, “of or relating to a forum,” understood in common use today as the forum of a trial in criminal court. Grave issues have arisen from an endemic practice of going to court at criminal law over feelings rather than facts.

For one thing, the use of psychology on judges and jurors to arbitrarily characterize or smear the defendant as a horrible “monster” in court is an unethical practice of the discipline.

The conviction of a crime in court requires three elements, which we shall list in Latin as follows:

  1. mens rea
  2. actus reus
  3. noxa rea

The Latin adjective “reus” (m) or “rea” (f) is not directly “guilty” as commonly misconstrued at law, but real, reactive, or realized, as when Adam and Eve “realized” they were naked after eating the forbidden fruit.

A “real mind” or mind of awareness, consciousness, or realization on the part of the defendant of what one was doing is the first requirement. Second, a “real act” must be shown to have been committed. Third, it must be shown in court that “real harm” resulted from that self-same act.

None of this requires an advanced psychology degree in a court of law: the entire field of forensic psychology is a baseless absurdity whose only purpose is to impose arbitrary gun control measures by a Marxist dictatorship of the proletariat.

Modern medicine and backsliding popes

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. And if a man smite the eye of his servant, or the eye of his maid, that it perish; he shall let him go free for his eye’s sake. And if he smite out his manservant’s tooth, or his maidservant’s tooth; he shall let him go free for his tooth’s sake.

Exodus 21:24–27

Too much incompetent medicine is in practice in the United States, and too much of it is affiliated, rightly or wrongly, with the Roman Catholic Church. The real harm is in the evil works or bad operations of wicked doctors, which are unnecessary, but nonetheless done or perfomed as a matter of routine.

Amniocentesis, ultrasound, and other intrusive exams are unnecessary for a normal pregnancy as experienced by the mother. So are routine circumcisions, FGM, vaccinations, removal of wisdom teeth and/or tonsils, routine hysterectomies, radical mastectomies, hormone replacement therapy, and antibiotics for non-life-threatening infections that would resolve better without such medication.

The overwhelming motivations, lusts, and desires of doctors for the carnage of human flesh need to be brought under control. The false debts to medical schools, the exorbitant salaries of doctors, and the unnecessary hospital privileges all need to be brought under control against their overwhelming covetousness for that pound of human flesh.

If the popes and cardinals are “backsliding” in church, what does that mean in the context of men who refuse to be married to women? “Barebacking?” Is it really in its place for a single man “of the cloth” to rebuke a married man faithful to his own wife for “backsliding” as we hear from time to time out of that church? Or what sort of lifestyle does a male priest lead when he will not consent to be married to a woman himself?

There are any number of Bible verses that could be quoted in this respect, but we are not sure that any particular assumption of faith is valid here in such matters of practicing versus preaching.

EDIT: The Guardian: Toronto policeman jailed for beating black man who lost an eye

‘I was worthy of suspicion because of the colour of my skin,’ says victim Dafonte Miller

Bad trip for a CIA officer?

Remember the James Bond stories? He knew more about mixing drinks than any bartender in town.

“I was awoken in the middle of the night,” recalled Polymeropoulos, 51. “I just had incredible vertigo, dizziness. I wanted to throw up. The room was spinning. I couldn’t even stand up without falling down. I had tinnitus ringing in my ears.”

A CIA Officer Visits Moscow, Returns With Mysterious, Crippling Headaches

Sounds like Greek plastic, not a real family name, but what do you expect of the CIA? Is there a family named Bond? Probably not that common, it’s like being born in jail or something like that.

It’s a code name, in any case.

Party. Too much vodka. Hangover. Some guy being all tired and emotional about it, but it might be a 12-step program back in the U.S. and the CIA career is over, unless there’s some other cover for drinking too much alcohol.

The CIA cover story is being spread too thin, though. You can’t really make this stuff up. Or maybe he’ll “defect” and attend an Alcoholics Anonymous program downtown Moscow. Who really knows?

Labor unions & domestic violence

There’s a strange connection here between labor union activity and domestic violence.

Berlin — Women began striking across Poland on Wednesday in response to a court ruling that imposed a near-total ban on abortions in the country. The ruling made it illegal to terminate a pregnancy in the case of severe fetal health defects.

— CNBC: Women begin national strike in Poland after near-total abortion ban

I don’t like this. Working parents are striking their children at home and their bosses at work. Are mothers drinking too much? Are the children affected by fetal alcohol syndrome? I am highly skeptical of such claims of widespread “severe fetal health defects.” Women and men have partied too hard and drunk too much and had too many normal children under such circumstances, since time immemorial. Alcohol is a serious vice unto itself, but not quite a satisfactory explanation for medical claims of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Men are drunk, and such men are encouraging women to take extreme birth control measures with the use of alcohol in their company. It’s a cop-out by party men — who desire to have sex but “won’t commit” — to avoid being burdened with child support and alimony.

Are these women sex workers? Is this a sex strike? Are women striking men on the street without incurring criminal charges on their own part?

Labor union sex segregation

Labor unions in Europe, the United States, and throughout the world are highly segregated by sex, with harsh sexual harassment policies in place at most workplaces.

Most technical trades are “male only” whereas nursing, caregiving, elementary school teaching, secretarial work and related fields are “female only” by policies that continue to be heavily enforced by harsh punishments despite Title IX provisions that are weak because by an explicitly sexist design they are for women only and no protection whatsoever is provided for males or transgender women against harassment, retribution, or revenge in the workplace.

Is COVID-19 a cover for the new Holocaust?

The headlines are ominous. A sacrifice for or of “many, many people” is a little bit too much to ask in the face of a perceived epidemic of a virus of unknown etiology.

I simply don’t see the “mass mortality” attributable to a specific virus outside a narrow context of official medical care, which would normally be a condition to impose such drastic and economically devastating measures for control.

If a virus is said to be “propagating” among the population of the world, then we have to look at this word in Italian.

fare propaganda per qn/qc to push sb/sth

Something is being propagated or “pushed” on somebody, which is no surprise, but we’re not quite there yet. The verb I am looking for is «propagare», to propagate. I am not really that familiar with Italian grammar, but to look it up there is a gerund form «propagando», which is the masculine counterpart of «propaganda». Now I am skeptical of official published grammars that may be hostile to outsiders attempting to learn a language, and I am of the opinion, as far as I can tell, that in Italian, «la propaganda» is the thing being propagated, whereas «il propagando» is the propagating of it. The gerund proper is always masculine, being the “action” form of the verb, whereas its feminine counterpart is the “passive” or “result” or “product” of the verb. The feminine form of the gerund has to exist, even if it is not well documented.

“Persons of interest” to law enforcement

In other words, Jews to Nazi cops. Not quite suspects on their books, but never to be exonerated or have their rights restored.

“Interest” or usury was historically forbidden to Christians and Muslims in Europe in the Middle Ages. Thus a “person of interest” was a JEW.

Usury in the middle ages began with the Jewish. The count or nobleman of a town would loan money to a Jewish person, and that person would lend to non-Jewish peasants. // The Jew thus became a middleman, which was a very dangerous position. Interest rates were approximately 30-40%, making it difficult for peasants to pay their debts. If Jews didn’t repay their own debts to the nobleman, they were murdered. For this reason, the Jew had to have a large spread in the middle in order to be able to cover his losses while still making profits.

Prezi: Usury in the Middle Ages

Those “noblemen” squeezed the Christians and Muslims as well as any others out of the financial and business markets, and “allowed” Jews to go in business or “keep shop” in commerce or finance. Normal activities necessary for community livelihood were forbidden entirely to gentiles and permitted to Jews only as vice.

The practice was to put Jews in business, set them up as shopkeepers, and kill them off after they’d been in business too long. Jews had no choice, as they were not permitted to join the labor unions with Christians, Pagans, and other non-Jews, and their shops were essentially “fronts” to businesses actually owned by Gentile noblemen or gentry who had absolute authority over the activities and dealings of Jews.

Jews were not permitted to bear arms or possess weapons in those day, either.

It’s starting to sound familiar in this day and age, as history repeats itself.

Intimate pronouns

Verbosity, lexical richness, and repetitiveness was assessed by using metrics such as number of words, number of unique words, and frequencies of repetitions (Fig. 3). Misspellings, use of punctuation, and uppercasing were analyzed to assess writing performance and style. Language-modeling analyses were performed to model the distributions of word sequences. Syntactic complexity was assessed through analysis of parse trees. Semantic content was assessed through analysis of participants’ mention of information content units. Finally, propositional idea density analysis was used to quantify syntactic and semantic complexity.

Linguistic markers predict onset of Alzheimer’s disease. By: Elif Eyigoz, Sachin Mathur, Mar Santamaria, Guillermo Cecchi, Melissa Naylor, October 22, 2020

By “intimate” we mean “between me and thee” or anything of an equivalent degree of closeness, and not necessarily love, either. Swords are drawn, honor is touched, and something is being taken personally. In English, French, and Spanish, the first and second person singular pronouns are masculine only regardless of the gender of the speaker or listener. This seems like a grand claim, but more on that later.

Verbs have special conjugations for “intimate pronouns.”

  • English: I am, thou art, etc.
  • French: je suis, tu es, etc.
  • Spanish: yo soy, tu eres, etc.

In English, the “intimate” second person singular pronoun “thou” reminds us of William Shakespeare. In Shakespeare’s time, the concept of an “actress” was unheard of. “Actors” were always masculine or assumed male, regardless of the gender of the role or the gender of the person playing the role. The theatre was not the movies, and they were not stars, nor did they make the kind of money that modern popular culture celebrities make.

There was too much make-up and costume, they used ventriloquy and other tricks to “throw” or project their voice from the stage to the audience, and they were expected to mingle with the audience unrecognized after the performance. Otherwise it was time to move out of town or find another line of work.

In French, a woman might say, «je suis bon», «je suis beau», etc. “I’m good, I’m fine, I have my change and receipt and I’m satisfied with my purchase today, thank you very much,” etc. This is not what is generally taught in French language courses, but the pronoun «je» is masculine, and requires a masculine complement in those sentences, regardless of the gender of the speaker. If she were to say, «je suis une belle femme», that would be grammatically correct if excessively vain, because nouns do not have to agree with other nouns or pronouns in gender. On the other hand, «tu es belle» would not be perceived as a compliment by a native French-speaking female, because it is ungrammatical and foreign.

A similar situation exists in Spanish with the pronouns “yo” and “tu” which to say explicitly are somewhat like a bull with his horns charging into a china shop, and more often than not the conjugation of the verb is adequate to imply person and number without excessive linguistic aggression.

Judge Carney up for re-election

Alaska Supreme Court Justice Susan Carney is facing an organized campaign against her retention this fall, amid tension with Alaska’s executive branch over a larger conservative goal of dismantling the state’s system for selecting judges.

Once quiet, Alaska judicial retention campaigns have become a battleground for conservatives

There’s a “county sheriff” problem with “registered sex offenders” in Alaska. Some boy or another fell out of favor with the community of concerned mothers and citizens because he allegedly raped the farmer’s daughter out on the farm, but he never had his day in court.

Paul tells the Romans that we have all fallen short of the glory of God and our Christian faith provides for forgiveness and reconciliation. At the same time, if a convicted sex offender lives on your block, you should be entitled to know that. Justice Carney abused her position by eliminating our right to know.

Carney’s judicial philosophy is wrong for Alaska by Ron Huffman, Doug Duffett, and Mark Zweifel | Opinion

People are hugging each other in church, or holding children on their laps during the sermon, and it’s not a sex offense, and we need a judge for that opinion. Clearly these church pastors have not read the Bible, and they are unapologetically running a heavy district of vice and prostitution. We may as well call them pimps as preachers.

And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.

… And they said, Stand back. And they said again, This one fellow came in to sojourn, and he will needs be a JUDGE: now will we deal worse with thee, than with them. And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door.

— Genesis 19:5,9

I am not at all concerned that Judge Carney is “soft on sex offenders.” After all, she has the unqualified support of several long-time Alaska prosecuting attorneys.

We are former attorneys general of the state of Alaska. We served Republican, Democratic and Alaska Independence party governors. We were appointed by Govs. Bill Egan, Bill Sheffield, Steve Cowper, Wally Hickel, Tony Knowles, Sean Parnell and Bill Walker. Our service stretches back more than 50 years.

We support the retention of Justice Susan Carney on the Supreme Court of Alaska.

We were Alaska’s attorneys general for almost 50 years. Justice Carney should be retained. By: John Havelock, Harold M. Brown, Douglas B. Baily, Bruce Botelho, John Burns, Michael Geraghty, Jahna Lindemuth | Opinion, October 18, 2020

More homosexual propaganda from the Vatican

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis became the first pontiff to endorse same-sex civil unions in comments for a documentary that premiered Wednesday, sparking cheers from gay Catholics and demands for clarification from conservatives, given the Vatican’s official teaching on the issue.

One main character in the documentary is Juan Carlos Cruz, the Chilean survivor of clergy sexual abuse whom Francis initially discredited during a 2018 visit to Chile. // Cruz, who is gay, said that during his first meetings with the pope in May 2018 after they patched things up, Francis assured him that God made Cruz gay.

AP News: Francis becomes 1st pope to endorse same-sex civil unions

The endorsement of same-sex civil unions is of the same order of conduct as that of Pope Gregory VII, who confiscated the lands and properties of all his cardinals, bishops, and priests, and issued an edict prohibiting the men of the cloth from entering lawful matrimony with women, thereby instituting wholesale prostitution throughout Europe under the protection of a potent papal dictatorship of the proletariat masses.

Almost a thousand years after that pope loosed the bands of holy matrimoney between man and woman, this Pope Francis is now holding men in bondage to men and women in bondage to women by endorsing the enforcement of civil unions and vows of moral abasement and sexual degradation men with men and women with women.

This comes at the same time as the appointment of an openly “lesbian” acting mayor of Anchorage, Alaska by the Municipal Assembly following the resignation of Ethan Berkowitz upon allegations of sexual impropriety in office.

The current mayor of Anchorage, Ethan Berkowitz, submitted his resignation last week after admitting to an inappropriate but consensual relationship with a local news anchor, according to KTUU.

Anchorage Assembly Chair Austin Quinn-Davidson … will become the first Anchorage mayor who is female and openly gay. // “I received a text from my sister, who watched the meeting last night with a young girl, she’s about 6, and she sent me a picture with the young girl looking at the screen saying, ‘She looks like me,’ and I think that matters,” Quinn-Davidson told CNN affiliate KTUU. “It matters for all kinds of folks.”

CNN: Following a week rocked by a mayor’s scandal and resignation, Anchorage Assembly chooses first female, openly gay acting mayor

This comes two and a half years after the failure of an anti-trans “Bathroom Bill” initiative petition, imposing enhanced criminal sanctions by birth-certificated sex for individuals deemed to have violated sex segregation policies in public restrooms, locker rooms, and other “intimate spaces” including fitting rooms at clothing retailers.

Stimulus check #2?

A Congressional deadline is fast approaching to approve a second stimulus payment of $1,200 to each and every qualified U.S. citizen / person / individual / legal resident / (??).

Tow truck operators and auto repair shops benefited enormously from the first stimulus payment, because of their playing pranks and other unchecked predatory behavior in collaboration with local police, fire, and emergency medical services dispatch.

I have serious doubts if a second stimulus payment is of any benefit at all to the economy, even for the very poor. There’s a naked money-printing operation in effect at the Federal Reserve. The resultant monetary inflation would presumably benefit borrowers and those “underwater” on their home mortgages, (think “Karens” and their husbands who own homes in the suburbs,) but certainly not people who must keep living on a fixed income, or make rent payments rather than fixed mortgage. Landlords will raise rent as the cost of repairs and maintenance rises along with real estate valuations due to inflation, and it’s not clear that wages or other sources of income are rising rapidly enough to keep pace with the inflation generated by a one-time stimulus payment.

“Everybody” gets $1,200, but the distribution has the effect of devaluing the monetary assets we already own by exactly the amount of the distribution — even poor people have more or less collective ownership rights to various public assets such as libraries, schools, police stations, firehouses — there might be infrastructure and assets worth $120,000 per person, and the poor will have to make up the difference out of pocket.

People don’t know how rich they are simply by virtue of being U.S. citizens — or, for that matter, citizens of “civilized” Europe, other countries, etc.