Radical environmentalism and ‘mental health’

Most people think of the environment of “nature” or of the natural outdoors, when they speak of “environmentalism.” Not so. Radical environmentalists do not spend much time outdoors, and that is not the environment that chiefly concerns them.

The Social Environment

There’s as “social environment” — where they are hard at work on a vicious political agenda to establish strict building codes, housing discrimination by sex, race, age, gender identity, and sexual orientation, real-estate cartel style price floors on rental units, and minimum prices on units available for purchase, along with onerous conditions, covenants, and restrictions.

People perceived to be poor, who cannot afford such a “High California” standard of living imposed on them against their will, are systematically trespassed off the property of places where wealthy people live work, eat, and shop, dealt drugs and shepherded off to labor camps, mental hospitals, and psychiatric institutions.

It is not a stable system. The wealthy, for their part, are subject to “wealth management” and other banking and brokerage services of a more or less voluntary nature designed to relieve them of their wealth as rapidly as possible, and then they’re out the door just like poor people, but unprepared to survive on the streets.

The Work Environment

Oh yes, the dreaded “hostile work environment” of Title IX sexual harassment lawsuits. There are women in high heels who demand equal pay, but refuse equal physical labor. There is something hazy about this, with an awful lot of secretarial and paper-pushing make-work assigned to women while the accountancy and bookkeeping are left up to “real men.”

Party-line Communist labor policies are enforced by federal law in the United States, with sex trafficking permitted and regulated in acceptable measure, and personal relationships of employees subject to approval by bosses. Various hairstyles and other modes of dress or clothing are required or forbidden for men in minute detail, but such codes do not apply to women at all in respect of Title IX, because there is some respect to some position of authority or other specious arguments of appropriate gender roles at work on the job.

There are too many rape claims, sexual harassment claims, stalking claims, no-contact orders, anti-harassment orders, civil protective orders, and various other sorts of restraining orders issued by parochial courts to protect such innocent women from such vicious men. Meanwhile women are supposedly subject to “other” means of enforcement by “other” bosses on the street, in a “privileged” system of extra-judicial enforcement to which working-class men do not have access.

The “Made Men”

The objective of all this radical environmentalism is to “have it made” as a “made man” in the Mafia. A guy’s “environment” and everything around him is exactly how it pleases him at work and at home, and everywhere else he frequents, and he “has it made.” Other people are “associates” at his whim, and he is free to associate and disassociate with them at will. Needless to say, there’s a psychopath or sociopath at work.

Why ‘mental health’ is no better than ‘FGM’

“Mental health” pertains to the same field of abhorrent medical practices of circumcision and bodily mutilation designed to satiate the flesh of doctors, pimps, procurators, and prosecutors in the mayhem, malicious disfigurement, and wanton destruction of that of their “patients” or those for whom they were at one time or would have been charged with caregiving or helping or assisting in regards to matters of health and sanity.

Mental health practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, guards, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and counselors are mostly engaged in a wholesale mafia-style family mob-rule vendetta under color of law against patients and inmates seen as “LGBT.”

The reason for the anti-LGBT vendetta, is that LGBT persons are viewed as “extreme” by a conservative church-going general public that remains blissfully unaware of historical wars between Protestant “faggots” and Catholic “bigots,” the burning of John Huss at the stake, where even his own mother is said to have added more wood to the pyre as it burned, and other extreme tortures endured by early Christians. Over time, church authorities have consistently promoted and compelled vice, and have never minded their own business, as the old saying among men goes, “If you don’t sleep with a whore, you’re a faggot, unless you masturbate.”

Homosexuality, whether real or perceived, is often diasgnosed and prosecuted somewhere on a “depression” spectrum: there’s a hooker, and a man is said to be “depressed” or “down” when “he can’t get it up.” There is also the said “female depression” of a woman who is “down” because she is “out of place” or “out of balance” or refuses to “suck it up” to the proper authorities on demand.

Word Salad Warning: The English word “woman” is a compound: “Wo” + “man.” We think there is “woe,” whether in a sense of pains of childbearing or day-to-day cares of homemaking etc. A man without a woman, then, is said to be “gay” (the opposite of woeful) because he is “not serious” enough to have a long-term relationship with a woman, or otherwise on terms that would be socially acceptable to others.

Transgender persons are most often wrongly diagnosed with mental illness which has the effect of shortening their lives, subjecting them to death threats, beatings, ridicule, and false charges of petty crime; and further denying them any meaningful employment or other assistance to their health or livelihood: the profession charges a lot of money, arbitrarily revokes the rights and freedoms of patients, and has nothing of benefit to offer such persons.

Gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identify. People with gender dysphoria may be very uncomfortable with the gender they were assigned, sometimes described as being uncomfortable with their body (particularly developments during puberty) or being uncomfortable with the expected roles of their assigned gender.


There are several severe and irremediable problems with this definition.

  1. A physically (or otherwise) “[work-]assigned gender” was in general obvious “assigned” artificially to please the desires of pimps, deadbeat dads, or expectant family members, rather than being the gender that should have developed naturally, in the identity of the self-same person, even as a fetus in the womb.
  2. The gratuitous “feeling uncomfortable” at a private session in the doctor’s or therapist’s office appears endorsed wholesale by the APA in an open capitulation to vice rather than the best interests of the patients they are charged with serving, all too often as it is, against their will.
  3. The “roles of the assigned gender” are outside the proper scope of practice of psychiatry and psychology: whether a man and a woman, or two persons of the same sex are just friends or more intimate, that is for them to decide. The formalities of such officiously pre-ordained “gender roles” are for a couple themselves to determine, as befits them naturally, not for others to decide in such a vicious context of respective barbershoppery of men and commercial sex trafficking of women.

Nor do we believe that bipolar and schizophrenia are real illnesses. Bipolar illness is most likely an addiction to a stimulant street drug, which manifests itself in a high and a crash, which the prescribed “mood stabilizers” are intended to mediate. Schizophrenia is mostly similar to a marijuana intoxication; and again, the prescribed medication appears mostly intended to ameliorate some of the less desirable side effects of the street drug. (The drug industry lobby has published magazines bp and sz to popularize the respective diagnoses and administrations of prescription mood stabilizers and antipsychotics.)

Sudan outlaws “FGM”

Sudan has criminalized the act of female genital mutilation, a historic move in a country where the United Nations says 9 out of 10 women between the ages of 15 to 49 have been subjected to the practice.

Sudan outlawed female genital mutilation. But experts warn it will take more to end the practice

It would seem Africa is way ahead of the USA. We’re not even sure where to begin: to overcome the specious arguments that ritualistic genital mutilation is acceptable to inflict on males but not on females.

And as far as the female body goes, all it takes is for a teenage girl to be railroaded into an abortion clinic by a deadbeat would-be father.

Or a trumped-up or falsified diagnosis of breast or cervical cancer.

It’s the same end result.

Our doctors are butchers and our hospitals are slaughterhouses, even in the United States. Human flesh is but meat for the carnage to them. There is no law to restrain doctors from satiating their own flesh in the mayhem, malicious disfigurement and willful destruction of our bodies.

More on David’s numbering the people

David had a lot more numbering and statistics going on in the Bible than we alluded to earlier.

(8) Tu mets devant toi nos iniquités, Et à la lumière de ta face nos fautes cachées. (9) Tous nos jours disparaissent par ton courroux; Nous voyons nos années s’évanouir comme un son. (10) Les jours de nos années s’élèvent à soixante-dix ans, Et, pour les plus robustes, à quatre-vingts ans; Et l’orgueil qu’ils en tirent n’est que peine et misère, Car il passe vite, et nous nous envolons. (11) Qui prend garde à la force de ta colère, Et à ton courroux, selon la crainte qui t’est due? (12) Enseigne-nous à bien compter nos jours, Afin que nous appliquions notre coeur à la sagesse.

Psaume 90, Louis Segond Bible

David complains here of general vice, a persistent reduction in life expentancy, a poor economy, net emigration, rampant lawlessness, stressful living situations, and heart disease, all of which had been taking a heavy toll throughout the population of the Kingdom of Israel during David’s reign.

People were sitting on their butt and numbering their own days, without even “applying their heart” in the sense of getting sufficient cardiovascular exercise to prevent premature death.

David was ruling a third-world kingdom, and he had to go to war to improve the standard of living, not just in a monetary sense, but in the sense that because of the compelling effects of vice, people were no longer free (as they were at the time of the Judges) to make and live by their own decisions.

Child care scams

It is much, much worse than reported in the news.

Bethany Neubarth and her husband used to be able to spend time together with their 8-month-old baby. // But when their day care closed in late March in response to the coronavirus, the family scrambled to find child care. The husband and wife are both nurses at different Anchorage health care facilities.

Alaska day cares, critical during the coronavirus crisis, are endangered

I don’t like that “early childhood” business. I don’t like it at all. There’s a Daybreak Primary School in my hometown. I am uncertain how best to explain it, but that is too “early” in the morning for the small children, and not in an earthly sense of rising from bed to go about the natural day.

Cop-calling whores traffic in children, stealing and forging birth certificates, even as pimps and prosecutors traffic in prostitutes. Consequently the children are over-circumcised, over-parented, and over-supervised for as long as they are allowed to live by such solicitous parents.

Kids need to explore and learn, even at some risk to themselves, in order to have any chance of leading a normal life into adulthood, but this is not allowed to them by such parents who labor year after year inflicting vice to foreclose and deny the privileges of legal majority to their children.

There’s no mail service in town

We can’t get our mail in this town. Credit cards and debit cards are set to expire and essentially irreplaceable without U.S. mail service.

The labor-union locals insist that we open a fee-for-service brick-and-mortar “local” bank account with the proper I.D. birth-sex certificate passport and all that.

According to one Maryland police department, many people are neglecting to don pants for their daily trip to the mailbox. Taneytown Police Department posted a playful “final warning” on its Facebook page. // “Please remember to put pants on before leaving the house to check your mailbox,” the post says. “You know who you are. This is your final warning.”

Police: Wear pants to check the mail – final warning

I don’t know who’s responsible for the continued theft, tampering, and failure to deliver, or if it’s the USPS APWU workers themselves on strike at some “local” post office somewhere or other in solidarity with UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

I do know it’s not a joke, the mail needs to be delivered, the mail will have to come through, and it will not go well with those who continually and progressively insist on obstructing and tampering with the mails.

David’s numbering the people; Absalom’s haircut

Certain figures of veiled speech were used in Biblical times.

When ancient Israel first formed itself into a kingdom from a federation of lordships or judgeships, David was chosen (or elected) king.

There must have been official popular elections at the time. David was accused of sin for “numbering the people” [2 Samuel 24; 1 Chronicles 21]. It was obviously more than a census. There were “polls” at which people made decisions “with their head” to vote, and local health officials complaining about disease and epidemics, because they wanted to interrupt the free elections. That “Satan stood up against Israel” means only that there was an opposing political party, which necessitated a contentious popular election at official polling stations. The word “Satan” is Hebrew for opposition or adversary.

When people talked about “polls,” they were “using their head” in a popular sense of numbers, represented in an allegorical sense by the hairs on their head.

When David complained of enemies numbering “more than the hairs of mine head” [Psalms 40:12; 69:4], he likely meant that he was not doing well at the elections or polls. His son Absalom was not “conspiring against the kingdom” so much as campaigning for public office [2 Samuel 15]. The “haircut” or “poll” in the King James Bible [2 Samuel 14:26]. That was a real election or poll, not a haircut. Absalom might have been campaigning at barbershops or other public places where people congregate and converse, but the controversy in court was over Absalom’s political popularity and power of public office, certainly not the length or weight of the actual hair on any particular man’s head, which would be laughably absurd to make such a court battle or political struggle over.

Too much cooking wine

Sometimes I think it tends to be a problem in the officers’ quarters on military bases where alcohol is banned.

My objections are chiefly practical rather than religious. Some recipes do call for adding wine to food as it cooks or simmers or sautés.

First of all, any kind of “cooking” wine as distinct from “drinking” wine is just plain disgusting, laden with salt and other undesirable additives.

I’m not much of a wine drinker, but it seems like a waste of good wine to use it for cooking. It’s not really that cheap, and I certainly don’t want to put bad wine in my food.

An exception might be sautéed mushrooms with wine sauce, or similar dishes for special occasions.

Sometimes food just needs a little water added for moisture as it cooks, and if I add raisins to my oatmeal or spread grape jam on my toast, eat table grapes, or even drink fresh or unfermented grape juice from concentrate, I simply don’t feel that I’m missing anything in my diet by skipping the wine.

Grapes in any form even without the alcohol can cause quite a hangover in excess, and furthermore I am becoming extremely distrustful of all those fancy cheeses, imported from Europe, to “pair” with the wine.

There is often as not a 50kg block or “wheel” of cheese at $20.00/lb or so, and I’m thinking one could buy the whole cow and pastureland for the price of importing all that European cheese, and for that matter, what is wrong with American bison or buffalo or Asian yak rather than exclusively European breeds of cattle bred for a white supremacist dairy industry?

If some people drink too much wine, then others drink too much milk, and there tend to be severe and pernicious problems with alcoholic adulteration of milk in the dairy industry.

The NCO conspiracy

It’s no joke. This is the stuff of Leavenworth and Gitmo. Veterans are running from the VFW and American Legion to take refuge with the Oddfellows, Elks, Moose, and Freemasons.

The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. …; he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed, and shall commission all the officers of the United States.

Article II | U.S. Constitution | US Law

You see, so-called “non-commissioned officers” exist within the U.S. military.

A non-commissioned officer (e.g., a sergeant) is outranked by all commissioned officers. However, he or she can command the enlisted personnel, privates, corporals and lower-ranked sergeants under his or her command.


To “commission” an officer is to formally swear him or her into office, and to charge him or her with official duties in connection with that office.

The situation is absurd, and more so than simply an abuse of language.

A “commissioned officer” with “non-commissioned officers” under his or her command is in violation of a formally sworn and recognized oath of office.

The so-called “non-commissioned officers” then claim a certain level of military rank, and draw military payroll — as officers — without the proper acknowledgement of a sworn duty or commission of office, which remains subject to the discretion of the so-called “commissioned officers” but outside the Constitution.

These “non-commissioned officers” (or NCOs as they are sometimes called) are like civilian police officers handcuffing people and seizing their property “above and beyond” official duties, without a warrant and without probable cause.

All members of the U.S. armed forces, including enlisted men, are sworn in and formally charged with certain duties in connection with military service. It is wrong to accept or achieve a promotion in rank to an official level, while denying the formal duty or commission of that office.

It is my feeling that anyone who draws military payroll in the United States, or has access to military command or resources, needs to be properly commissioned and sworn to the duties of military service or office in pursuance of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Air Force cult

There is too much cult to the U.S. Air Force. There’s the military installation itself to any Air Force Base, but then you’ve got a large “residential” area, which is honestly a little too classy to be “military” as such. There are officers’ quarters and homes for enlisted men with wives and children. They even have high schools on Air Force bases. (Think about some high school kids getting in a fight talking about their fathers’ respective military rank…)

Officers have a “top secret” clearance, and enlistees have “secret.” There’s a presumption of “top secret” classification for any sort of discussion involving some officers of some matter or another about which they really don’t want to be hearing complaints in the enlisted men’s barracks or mess hall. It’s usually a gross over-classification of information which if relevant is almost certainly known to the enemy already, by the time it’s openly discussed among officers or stored in an official government computer system, unless they’re pressing charges against somebody like Chelsea Manning.

A more effective strategy is needed. Kids have to be kids, and they’ve got to be allowed to make life choices and change their minds without being subjected by adults to excessive and arbitrarily imposed lifetime consequences. We need to get the schools off the military bases.

You can’t be such a “resident” anywhere as a member of the armed forces when the enemy always wants to know where you live. There’s too much renter’s insurance and furniture etc.

Kids who grow up with parents in the Air Force may not wish to have a military career of their own at all, and if they are interested in the military, they might want to join a different branch; yet they face a social stigma in that case: “You could have joined the Air Force. What are you doing in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, etc.?”

Or else you’re too old, or you never could have joined the military in the first place on some technicality or another even if you wanted to. Or people get out of the military, and then they fraternize at a VFW hall or American Legion or any number of clubs to which some are welcome and others are not.