Illinois guv curses at feds

“The crowds & lines O’Hare are unacceptable & need to be addressed immediately,“ Gov. J.B. Pritzker tweeted Saturday. “The federal government needs to get its s@#t together. NOW.“

Illinois governor: ‘Federal government needs to get its s@#t together’ (Politico)

Doesn’t it, though? Even as a made man, the statewide boss of the Chicago Outfit has got to be feeling some heat from the feds himself, doesn’t he? Unless they’re all on his side of the law.

I mean let’s just call 9/11 at the gubernatorial level and create a social emergency at the local airport if there isn’t one already. No. Not really. I mean seriously. What’s in it for the Democrats?

Extraordinary rendition and arbitrary detainment on 9/11 health charges for sniffling and sneezing, diarrhea, airsickness, whatever.

We’ve got some “doctors” calling from the CDC — epidemiologists — who are not interested in the physiology or etiology of any said disease or in any standard regimens of supportive treatment.

They are only interested in the social factors relating to the alleged spread or transmission of disease from one person to another, and only from the point of view of imposing mandatory vaccines and mandatory quarantines by a use of force and violence against their subjects’ will with the justification of “herd immunity” and “harm minimization” by a claim to be protecting the greater population by the adverse actions taken at law against patients or subjects of involuntary medicalist experimentation and research.

False charges against conservative women?

Gabrielle LeDoux, R-Anchorage, is — apparently falsely — being charged with voter misconduct by Democrat district attorneys.

The charging documents say that in 2014, LeDoux texted other former residents of House District 15, urging them to request absentee ballots. 

Alaska Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux charged with voter misconduct in 2014, 2018 elections

The Democrats have “charging documents” — part of an archaic judicial system of “prosecution by information” hearkening back to a Communist or even Tsarist Russian rule which even to this day is not in pursuance of the Constitution of the United States.

I am not aware of further details, but these charges — like the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump — are clearly false and politically motivated by the goals of a Democratic Party labor-union police state.

U.S. citizens who have left temporarily and intend to return to their home state and district are entitled to ask for and vote absentee ballots, pursuant to the usual and customary rules and regulations, provided they are not voting simultaneously in another district.

Any candidate running for public office is entitled to ask for their votes without fear of arbitrary and malicious criminal prosecution by political opponents.

Why the #MeToo movement must go to hell

A federal judge ordered the release of former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning on Thursday, just one day after she attempted to take her own life while in prison.

Fox News: Judge orders Chelsea Manning to be released from jail

Five feet, two inches tall. High time to stop picking on somebody. The pandemic of drugging and torture by labor-union local Democrat guards in prisons and jails throughout the United States needs to stop. The Democratic Party’s #MeToo movement on Twitter, along with the radical pro-abortion feminists’ subversion of conservative values on the GOP platform, must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

Gender# of Inmates% of Inmates
Inmate Gender Statistics based on prior month’s data
Last Updated: Saturday, 7 March 2020

When the #MeToo girls have accepted the emotional and intellectual challenge to form and express their own opinions cogently, and served equal punishments for their unspeakably hideous crimes, then, perhaps, they will be in a position to demand equal rights from the men they served while they ignored boys their own age.

It turns out that Manning was entirely correct in speaking out against “TERFs” or Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminists. They are whores, insanely jealous and envious of Manning’s appearance and popularity among men.

“Sex is grounded in materiality, whereas ‘gender identity’ is simply an ideology that has no grounding in science,” WoLF told Vox in a statement. “The redefinition of the word ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender identity’ would have myriad harmful effects on women and girls, and women and girls as a distinct category deserve civil rights protections.”

The rise of anti-trans “radical” feminists, explained

Sex is nothing but pleasure to such radical feminists; something they can charge older men money for. That has no grounding in science. A person’s core inner identity does.

The faux Nazi hunt

More from New York Times on the vicious subject of Nazi hunting. And what’s new? They have a ‘race’ and they’re prosecuting someone.

The Mission to Hunt Nazis Has Become a Race Against Time
The latest target was a 94-year-old man in Tennessee said to have been a guard at a concentration camp in Germany. “These people are old, and they’re dying,” a prosecutor said of the cases’ urgency.

I am sorry, but these prosecutors are running too much of a Jewish red-light district out of New York. That some old man was at one time a guard at a concentration camp is not enough to convict him.

It is not clear from that that he personally murdered or tortured anyone. People had a job to do in those days; they had to do something for money, wages or profit just to survive; and yes, that was a horrible regime under Adolf Hitler, but we have to take all that in context. He likely had to do what he was told, under orders, by strict martial law. Some guards were likely more compassionate than others, and did what they could to save the lives of their prisoners and offer them ways to freedom if possible, even at the peril of their own lives, but the over-zealous Jewish Nazi hunters condemned them all alike and offered no reprieve to the righteous among the nations.

What choices could that man have made at that time, if he were indeed a Nazi concentration camp guard? Would he still be living at such an advanced age if he had made other life choices? The sudden ardent zeal to prosecute, target, and punish one and another poor and defenseless old man is inconsistent with the lachesse of so many years on the part of these district attorneys. Frankly, we have better things to do with our own young lives.

I am afraid that the ongoing hunt for WWII-era Nazis after so much time has passed, when the evidence is lost and all hope of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is gone, is a canard intended to distract us from the present-day Holocaust, which these same bloody vicious Democratic Party police officers, prosecutors, and judges insist on perpetrating against us even now, in this day and age, in the United States of America, visiting upon us all the horrors of the former Holocaust of the 1930s in Germany and Poland, while the Great Depression was raging in the United States, the economy ravaged by a constitutional Prohibition, its mixed and inconsistent state and federal jurisdiction, sham prescriptions from quack doctors for alcoholic remedies, and all manner of other serious organized crime.

For what they did so many years ago in Germany, they have to answer when they meek their Maker. We at this time do not need to hasten the punishment of the guilty at such a great age, lest their Redeemer should halt the proceedings and speak against us when He comes in His glory.

Once again, the Democrats ripped us off for everything we were, and everything we could have been or done. They have deliberately, with much malice aforethought, ruined us, destroyed our lives, and made a cruel mockery of our precious precepts of life, liberty and justice, and all that we at one time could have hoped to accomplish during our time on this earth.

NY 5-families mafia murder-for-hire racket

SAN FRANCISCO — On a website called Azerbaijani Eagles, you can commission a murder for $5,000. The site Slayers Hitmen provides more options, with a beating going for $2,000. Death by torture costs $50,000.

But don’t expect someone to get the job done. Experts and law enforcers who have studied these sites — almost all of them on the so-called dark web or dark net — say they are scams. There has not been a known murder attributed to any of them.

New York TImes: Can You Really Hire a Hit Man on the Dark Web?

Interesting. The fact of the matter is, a lot of murders do take place in large cities like San Francisco and New York, and a lot of money is involved in Democratic Party policies of murder-for-hire and gun control. The complicity and denialism of law enforcement is, of course, a large part (if not the most important pary) of what the patrons and “customers” of these murder-for-hire sites are paying for.

Rest assured, the job will get done, if you pay for it, and you aren’t already on their gun control hit list. Obviously, NYPD 9/11 beat cops and other associated fraternal orders are taking a cut and pocketing a rich commission on the big-city murder-for-hire racket, with the usual Democratic Party policies of “getting the guns off the street” except when staging the occasional high-profile made-for-TV “mass shooting” scenario, and using other means and weapons to cause their victims to die in a manner more easily concealed as “natural” by corrupt medical examiners and fraudulent mortuaries.

Jussie Smollett re-indicted again on new (old) charges

>>> The Illinois  Supreme Court rejected former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett‘s request to throw out charges that accuse him of staging a racist, homophobic attack in Chicago.

>>> The mayor of Chicago believes Jussie Smollett is guilty of staging a racist, homophobic attack against himself last year and has vowed to make sure the actor is held accountable.

Jussie Smollett’s bid to get charges thrown out rejected by Illinois Supreme CourtJussie Smollett needs to be held accountable for ‘total hoax,’ wasting police resources, Chicago mayor says

The United States’ First Civil War ended 155 years ago. The false claim of “wasting police resources” was also made in the case of Bethany Storro of Vancouver, Washington, 10 years ago, according to The Columbian.

It is getting time for all good men to come to the aid of their country and hold these crooked cops, judges, and mayors accountable on capital charges of high treason. This “government” has run rampant, utterly destroyed our lives, and totally deprived us of all notions of liberty, freedom, and beneficial ownership of private property.

A Second Civil War is now necessary and altogether fitting and proper in order to vanquish, defeat, and annihilate the Chicago Outfit, the Five Families of New York City, and all other Democratic Party associates who hold to the side of that Evil One through whose envy came death originally into the world, that once more freedom could ring in the benighted and impoverished land of our present captivity.

One might speak of such matters as with great sadness — but, Oh! To think of the rejoicing and exultation we shall experience when we shall have won this Second Civil War in America, and put down those cruel and merciless criminal enemies who have so violently taken over the police stations and courthouses in our land and so strictly prohibited us from bearing arms on our own behalf.

Do the Catholics hold Mass?

Papacy and priestly celibacy are abhorrent doctrines to us Protestants. The masses are the lower classes of common folk. If Mass is held in church, then this must be to the benefit of precisely these masses, even High Mass with Holy Communion for the ones who most need to be uplifted.

Any religious Mass must by nature entail alms for the poor, to include such things as are immediately necessary for the salvation of body and soul, but one cannot minister to the poor as from a higher station in life, whilst continuing to oppress them with progressive policies rife with communism, socialism, and denialism.

Religious alms and charity are often confused with doling out food and sundries in order to fulfill a perfunctory social duty. The food and sundries are indeed necessary — for the rich as well as the poor — but not sufficient for temporal or eternal salvation. True alms and charity must entail basic human compassion, restraint from prosecution and punishment, and a decent respect to other human beings, as well as equal rights and equal pay for a job well done.

High Mass should require that even the poorest of the poor be lifted up at least to that measure of equality with the ministers and parishioners, because no alms will ever save the souls of those who continue to use such vicious and evil practices of psychiatry and psychology, under color of law, to progressively blacklist us and deny us our gun rights along with numerous related rights of employment, trade, commerce, and even sport. Nothing can save them from their own lies when they falsely claim to be “healing” us or “providing” some benefit or help to our health by such wicked medical or “mental health” practices.

But what else can we expect from the ‘ABC’ medical cartel, which so viciously practices Abortion, Birth control, and Circumcision?

The GOP is broken

Republicans are not “platform Nazis” as a rule, and they did manage to elect a President who at times seriously disagrees with many of their official policies. When I say the GOP is broken, I am not dancing left because of problems on the right.

No. The Democrats on their part are irredeemably corrupt with serious endemic problems that likely will not be solved without civil war and bloodshed, the likes of which have not been seen in the United States in over 155 years.

The real question is whether the GOP can help restore to us our lives, liberty and property, of which the Democrats have so unjustly deprived us and stolen from us under color of law, in open and flagrant defiance of the Constitution over the years, especially since the era of the Vietnam War.

I am focusing especially on Section 6 of the Republican Platform, “renewing American values” for “Great American Families, Education, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice.”

Title IX … opened up for girls and women a world of opportunities that had too often been denied to them. That same provision of law is now being used by bureaucrats — and by the current President of the United States — to impose a social and cultural revolution upon the American people by wrongly redefining sex discrimination to include sexual orientation or other categories.

It should come as no surprise that a Vietnam-era Communist party-line law passed in regards to sex should be twisted, misinterpreted, and falsely applied far out proportion to any sense of justice. Vicious gangs of girls and women should not be egging on their off-duty male police officer “friends” to persecute and harass gay men or transgender women, to lawfully douse them with gasoline and set them afire in accordance with the law, tie ropes around their necks by law and lawfully drag them through the streets from the backs of a pickup trucks, or have them committed to mental instutions and forcibly drugged by law and such and such sound medical practice. I am sorry. Those women vote Democrat whenever they have the opportunity, and their policies have no place on the Republican platform.

Sexual assault is a terrible crime. We commend the good-faith efforts by law enforcement, …

We don’t need that “law” filth on the GOP platform. Who has the gall to brag about “good-faith” efforts by law enforcement in that respect in the United States? The cops themselves are vicious gang rapists as well as ardent suitors and staunch patrons of street women. The false and frivolous sex charges, which they continually entertain against innocent and righteous men, are unconscionable on the right. They fly the law enforcement Crips’ “thin blue line” flag, and their police department policies and court procedures are 100% solid Democrat blue on the beat, on their local law enforcement labor unions, and in their associated fraternal orders of police.

Kick the damned Democrats out of the GOP!

Bernie Sanders is (in fact) a communist!

“PolitiFact” — “The Poynter Institute” — is calling out Scott Walker for saying so:

Sanders visited the Soviet Union on a kinda-sorta honeymoon and has praised communist leaders in the past. Walker offers no hard evidence of his claim, which one expert calls “scare-mongering.”

PolitiFact | No, Bernie Sanders is not a communist

These are the lily-white male limousine liberals who run “institutes” or “institutions” to put away anyone who disagrees with them politically as “mentally ill.”

They’re “kinda-sorta” gay but not really because God hates fags etc. And PolitiFact / Poynter Institute gets to decide who’s an expert and who’s “scare-mongering,” which wouldn’t really be worth paying attention to, except that those liberals really are calling “expert” witnesses in court to press 9/11 terrorism charges for said “scare-mongering.”

Sanders’ policies line up with democratic socialism — which focuses on democratically achieved expansion of social welfare programs — not communist hallmarks like authoritarian rule, government ownership of all private property or an end to capitalism.

The differences between socialism and communism, of course, are a lot finer than the left would let on in polite discourse. We may equally well ask for the exact distinction between society and community, or between social and communal ownership of property deemed no longer private.

And if Sanders intends to achieve such a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs, how does he intend to do this without exercising authoritarian government rule to seize private property via taxation and other means?

And how else can he cultivate such a dependency on social welfare benefit programs but by viciously excluding from the workforce of any number of professions certain classes of persons who might be labeled for life, e.g. “adjudicated as a mental defective,” among other slanderous character slurs and assassinations?

And of course such liberal nonsense is enforced as law (under color of law) on NICS, the no-fly list, and various other government databases of personæ non gratæ maintained by the self-same authoritarian “big government” of which such “liberal” Nazi skinheads remain in denial.

Dirty 9/11 cops? Out on disability!

Social Security Administration (SSA) Inspector General Patrick P. O’Carroll, Jr. and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. today announced that more than 100 individuals—many of them retired New York City police officers and firefighters—have been indicted for their alleged involvement in a vast and longstanding criminal conspiracy to defraud SSA out of millions of dollars.

Social Security Adminstration — Office of the Inspector General
More than 100 Indicted in New York City-Based Multi-Million-Dollar Disability Fraud Scheme
January 7, 2014

The cops were out on disability. Mental? Physical? We don’t know, but we assume mental when they are not in wheelchairs. But they still had their guns. That was six years ago, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Obama’s Social Security gun grab, falsely reported repealed, was railroaded through Congress on an omnibus bill and signed into law by President Donald J. Trump.

Public Law 115-141, in fact, directs the Secretary of Defense to submit reports that among other items …

… identify the number and category of records submitted by month to those databases for which the Identification for Firearm Sales (IFFS) flag or other database flags were used to pre-validate the records and indicate that such persons are prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm: Provided further, That such reports shall describe the steps taken during the previous 6 months, by Service or Component, to ensure complete and accurate submission and appropriate flagging of records of individuals prohibited from gun possession or receipt pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 922(g) or (n) including applicable records involving proceedings under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. …

Despite the Second Amendment, there are only three steps to prosecuting the possession of a firearm as a crime in America.

  1. Flag in a government database.
  2. Court-martial.
  3. Guilty as charged.

But the retired cops, who should have been flagged, aren’t. It’s only us civilians, law-abiding citizens, who are prohibited from possessing firearms in a country that was once claimed as “the land of the free and the home of brave.”

Despite the beautiful words of her national anthem, America remains in bondage to the law of cowardice.